My Story

ABOUT US is an online store which is focused on selling online exotic blends of Herbal, Fruit & Green tea. The teas are available in different flavours like Blueberry & Mint tea, Lemon & Apple tea and many other magnificent flavours to treat your tastebuds. Here the teas that are available have one or more benefits on your health.But the most Popular one is the tea that helps to lose weight i.e Lemon & Apple tea, Blueberry & Mint tea.

The ultimate recipe for inner peace.


Look out for a cozy place or create a cozy surrounding and take a way into your own world. An environment which will help you to expand your inner feeling and which will give you the ideal situation to concentrate on just you.


You need to have the right mood to enjoy the fullness of the moment. Our feelings and emotions are what that make each of us individual or unique, and at times they are knotty. Our emotions are usually prejudiced by the environment and the by the people, so be vigilant in choosing the right option.


Living in a busy, quick, changing and complicated world you should once in a while overlook that the seemingly insignificant details in life truly do make a difference. Accept and grab life and be glad about each minute. Feel happy and content about yourself and positive about the things you are able to achieve.


Trust yourself because you can achieve whatever you believe in or wish. You just need to look for what exactly makes you happy and go on to chase after your dreams. Because people usually regret in life for the things that they haven’t done. If anytime you have failed in spite of trying for many times that means you have taken risk and learnt a precious lesson out of it. So life is a trip you just need to enjoy it.


Take some time for yourself to live in present. Just Drink a steamy cup of tea, sit back and relax yourself. So finding your inner peace is just really easy.